Folkatron Sessions is becoming… Remorae.

Remorae is the name we are giving to the live ensemble which began life back in 2017 as an experimental folk recording project, Folkatron Sessions. Emerging from 6 years of collaborations, 2 albums and an EP, we still hold the same fascination with retelling old stories and tunes through experimental, electronic, jazz-influenced tones. 

In this new stage of our evolution, our sound is born from what we can create live. Using live effects and synthesisers, exploring improvisation and soundscapes, we’re delving into the resonances of old songs and discovering our connections to them. Ever wondered what a pub session would sound like with synths and delay pedals? Well, maybe a bit like this.

With new additions to the collective, and with the help of residencies at Britten Pears (2022) and Sage Gateshead (2023), we are excited to be sharing a snapshot of our work in the past 2 years in form of a new EP, Flourish in Green, in Spring 2024. The four tracks tell stories and songs inspired by landscapes, lost loves, and women thriving against the odds.